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Black Pepper Sauce (800g)


* Preservative-free

*Opening the lid of the jar gives off a strong black pepper aroma, which tastes slightly spicy. It is guaranteed that no beef ingredients are added, the quality is pure, the ingredients are natural, and the flavor is rich and delicious.

*It can be mixed with pasta and noodles, large intestines wrapped in small intestines, bacon, fried seafood, fried meat, iron plate, beans.

*Purpose: drenching, frying, burning, mixing, dipping, roasting, frying, frying, stuffing

Black  Pepper  Sauce(800g)

【Product Introduction】
In order to keep authentic western flavor, the R & D team from has Material , formulation, technology,  strict operating procedures consistently. Specializes in manufacturing high quality mellow Black Pepper Sauce. The ingredients of this product are from fresh onion and  quality Black Pepper , Garlic and prepared with fresh vegetables being mixed with special formula.​ Free of preservative, beef.

Water, Onion, SoyBean Oil, Vegetables(Carrot, Tomatoes, Celery), Black Pepper, Garlic,  Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Acetylated Distarch Adipate, Sugar, Salt,  Soy Sauce, Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Hungarian Paprika, Yeast Extractive, Xanthan Gum, Caiamel Colors, Citric Acid.

【Cooking method】
Pour, stir-fry, roast, mix, dip, roast, fry, deep-fry, stuffing


【Availability Date】
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1.Do not drip water after opening the can , refrigerate and use it as soon as possible.
2.The taste of the sauce is so adequate that you don`t have to add any seasoning. Good for both cold and hot food. especiolly for hot food.


● 調理醬料系列(有葷素)-黑胡椒醬、蘑菇醬、義大利醬、麻辣醬、椒麻鮮辣醬、椒麻干貝醬
● 濃湯粉系列-玉米濃湯粉、奶油濃湯粉 
● 火鍋湯底系列-菇類養生高湯粉、牛奶鍋高湯粉、藥膳高湯粉、香菇昆布精、高鮮粉 
● 醬料代工-OEM、ODM代工。誠徵經銷代理商


- 食品業者登錄字號:B-196889877-00000-1
- 國內負責廠商名稱:台塑餐飲美食調理有限公司
- 國內負責廠商電話:04-26936228
- 國內負責廠商地址:台中市大肚區沙田路一段251號

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