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【Company History】

    TAIR SUH DINING GOURMET SEASONING CO., LTD.( 台塑餐飲美食調理有限公司) - Founded in 1996. The belief of the company is based on “Healthy and tasty as the direction; customer satisfaction as the mission.”

    In the corporate branding management, besides continuing the traditional flavor of Tair Suh Dining, we carry on developing all kinds of seasoning and creating excellent gourmet culture to respond the high demand for food of consumers.

    Tair Suh Dining believes that only the best ingredients can make the best products; therefore, health and hygiene is our priority among all. As a consequence, in food production, besides accumulating years of professional experience and establishing qualified production facility that is subject to hygienic standard, we make efforts in providing safe food instead of thriving for near profit, so we can deliver the message of “eat safely; use safely” when consumers see our brand.

    Many food scandals happened in Taiwan in recent years. TAIR SUH Dining has nothing to do with any of them. The main reason is that the Company does not add any harmful ingredients during the process from selecting ingredients to producing final products. Because of this mission and belief, our vast customers endorse the company with strong confidence and reliability.

    In line with the diversification of future lifestyles and consumer demands, Tair Suh Dining will uphold its stable management strategy to develop more series of products in the future, as well as introducing new technology equipment and new packaging materials to facilitate the expansion of production scale. In terms of sales and services, we combine modern IT network and enhance channel system, which support the stable growth and sustainability of the company. 

【Management Philosophy】
Sincerity and honesty as the belief; customer need as the foundation.
Healthy and tasty as the direction; customer satisfaction as the mission.


【 Vision】
We combine the modern IT internet to establish the new system to accommodate the future lifestyle changes.
We also introduce new technology and packaging, and procedures and products, and enlarge the production scale.
Seeing TAIR SUH=eating carefree. 


【Business item】

--Sauce Series (both meat and vegetables)--
Black Pepper Sauce、Mushroom Sauce、Italian Meat Sauce、Peppercorns paste、Dried Scallop Sauce、Barbeque sauce、Fried Scallion Sauce、 Chili and Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

--Hot Pot Soup Series--
Spicy Hot Pot Sauce、Mushroom Hot Pot Soup Powder、Medicinal Cuisine Stock Powder、Milk Flavour Stock Powder、Japanese style stock powder、 Korean kimchi stock powder

--Soup Powder Series--
Clam essence、Dried Codfish Essence、Chicken Juice Powder、Mushroom Kelp Powder

--Bisque Powder Series--
Corn Soup Powder、Cream Soup Powder

--Floss Series(Vegetarian)--
Vege Hericium Erinaceus、Vege Orang-Moss Floss、Vege Nori Kelp Floss 、Vege Mushroom Floss、Vege Pumpkin Floss、Vege Meat Flakes With Nuts

--Frozen Series--

--Sauce OEM--


Compound catering / simple restaurant / tea house / cafe / food company / lunch box food factory /
Waihui, cocktail party company Conditioning package food factory / chain restaurant industry /
highway rest station / amusement area / leisure entertainment industry /
leisure farm Tourist Attractions Hotel Industry/Exquisite Western Restaurant/
Campus Restaurant and Campus Central Kitchen/Railway Restaurant/Breakfast Shop/
Steak Shop Western Food Bakery/Kindergarten/Vegetarian Restaurant/
Religious Circle/Vegetarian Supermarket/Vegetable Restaurant


【Sales Channel】
All major channels in the province-Fengkang, traditional markets, disposable tableware,
and all medium-sized supermarkets in the province are all available.
Welcome to call us.