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Privacy Policy

I. Preface
   With regard to personal information protection, please refer to the following privacy policy of “TAIR SUH DINING GOURMET SEASONING CO., LTD.”
   (refer to the Company).TAIR SUH Dining Gourmet website is run by the Company. In line with personal information protection and maintain personal privacy,
   the following statement explains the purpose, category, scope, and methods of personal data collection on the Tair Suh website, as well as the rights and       
   conditions of  yours. If you have any questions regarding the privacy statement, following announcements, or personal data protection, you may contact the 
   customer service of the Company. And we will reply you at the earliest convenience.

II. Copyright Statement
  1. The Company reserves the intellectual property of any product, production procedure, or technology described in the server, and does not authorize to any third party to use.
  2. When browsing or using the website, the user is considered accepting and understanding all conditions, relevant law and regulations of the Republic of China, and all international internet protocols and customs. It is not allowed to use the website for any illegal purposes.
  3. Under the conditions of personal and non-commercial use, the user can browse and use the website, or download and quote the relevant materials that are marked as open resource on the website, in accordance with the intellectual property laws and other related regulations.
  4. Any commercial institutions or groups cannot share, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, or publish the content of the website with any forms without the written agreement of the Company and relevant subsidiaries.
  5. All the texts, soft wares, photographs, videos, and music on the website are protected by the Copyright Law of the Republic of China and international IP regulations. Unauthorized modification, plagiarism, rentals, borrowing, or sales need to be subject to the IP Laws, Copyright Laws, Patents, and other relevant rights. Violators will be charged with the corresponding laws..
III. Disclaimer
  1. The Company will collect your personal data while you are browsing the official website, and might share it with other companies.
  2. The Company automatically receive and record the server values of your browser, including IP address, cookies, and webpage record that you request.
  3. The Company will automatically receive and record your browsing information, including the viewed webpages, clicked links, and other execution related to the company website and services. We also collect specific information that the browsing websites the browser sends you, such as your IP address, browser type and language, saving time, and the reference website address.
  4. The website takes all the reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the published webpage information.
  5. The website is not responsible for any loss nor damage caused by using the website information.
  6. The Company endeavors to maintain the website security with the existing equipment and manpower. However, we cannot guarantee absolute and flawless security, errors, virus, or any other malicious programs (including other implanted malware by the third party) of the website.
IV. The right to modify
     The Tair Suh Dining has the right to modify the privacy statement and related announcement, and to publish on appropriate locations on the Tair Suh Dining
     website after modification without further notification. You can read the modified privacy statement and related announcement on the Tair Suh Dining
     website anytime.